How to Complete a Morning Skincare Routine If You're Lazy

Let's face it—not hitting the snooze button is only half the battle.

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, there'so much more to it than waking up, throwing on an outfit and merrily heading off to school. And if you're a lazy girl (hey, some of us are), continuing your daily AM routine through the weekdays feels nearly impossible.

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While there are certain aspects of a morning routine you can sidestep by doing them the night before (showering, picking out what to wear) or avoiding altogether (doing your hair and makeup, cooking breakfast, making coffee), there are others you absolutely need to complete at that time.

Practicing a skincare routine is an AM necessity that may seem like a big pain in the butt, but it doesn't have to be. Keep reading for how to complete a morning skincare routine, even if you're lazy:

1. Lay the Groundwork Over the Weekend

Weekends are perfect for undergoing lengthier processes like Dermaflashing your face (getting rid of peach fuzz and dead skin) and applying face masks. Completing these actions will not only ensure your skincare products are better absorbed, but they'll also help your makeup go on more smoothly. Taking care of these tasks over the weekend will prevent you from having to overdo it with products during the week. Your skin will be a fresh canvas, happily awaiting whatever comes its way.

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2. Complete Each Step in Between Taking on Other Morning Tasks

Instead of standing in front of your mirror and waiting for products to absorb, apply one thing and then feel free to move along to brushing your teeth, putting on your clothes, brewing coffee or throwing together your bookbag. There's no point in wasting time. Some products require longer times to soak into the skin than others, but honestly, as long as you give each at least a minute or so before applying the next, you'll be fine.


3. Consider the Essentials

There are some girls who live for an extravagant daily skincare routine, but the lazy girl is clearly not one of them. If you don't want to spend 20 minutes applying products, focus on the necessities. You really only need cleanser, toner and moisturizer. The cleanser gets all the leftover gunk off your face, the toner is for product absorption and the moisturizer hydrates your skin. Stick to just those three and you'll save time while still properly taking care of your skin.

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4. Always Have Your Products Ready to Go

Some of us have way more in our beauty cabinets than others. If your collection of skincare, makeup and who knows what else is all jumbled into one, hard-to-distinguish pile, leave your daily essentials in a reserved spot so you can always easily grab them. If you like to keep your counter clean, throw them into a special drawer, or put them in a Ziplock bag so they stand out even in a messy pile.


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