Everything You Wanted to Know About Viral Fitness Influencer Leana Deeb

Leana Deeb has always had a passion for fitness, and thanks to the power of social media, she's able to share her positivity, encouragement and effective workout tips with more than 13 million fans across the globe.

Leana first joined Genflow Creators Agency (GCA) when she was 20, and since then, she's grown her audience exponentially, sharing empowering workout videos on social media that encourage healthy attitudes while teaching us all how to take care of our bodies while also expanding into her own businesses as an entrepreneur. We love that she's willing to show the full wellness journey, including the imperfection and struggle that comes with it—and here's everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Leana Deeb trivia Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Nellis Subasic)

Name: Leana Deeb

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Birthday: July 10

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. If Leana could live in any decade, she'd probably choose the '80s.

"I absolutely love the style back then."

-Leana Deeb

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2. At the moment, she's obsessed with the cargo pants trend.

"I also love finding one-off vintage pieces."

-Leana Deeb


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3. She's partnered with management company Genflow Creators Agency.

"Being partnered with GCA means that I am a part of a family and I am looked after every day. It's more than just management. It's also rooted in friendship and we work through hard times together. It means countless nights, lots of hard work and experiencing the journey together as
a team. Also, GCA ensures that I am being looked after in regards to brands—that we're only doing the things in our best interest and what's going to serve us in the long run.

I reached out to GCA because I saw Genflow working with other creators to help them build their own apps, which is something that I have always aspired to do. I love how we are growing together. GCA continues to grow and is working with so many exciting creators, it's one big family and I love being a part of it."

-Leana Deeb

4. Her fans never fail to make her smile.

"I love meeting my audience in person and talking with them about their lives and fitness journeys, along with knowing that I get to wake up every day with a second family by my side."

-Leana Deeb


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5. The last show she binge-watched was Narcos on Netflix.

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6. She's a big fan of King Kong.

"He's powerful, but kind-hearted."

-Leana Deeb

7. If she could live in any fictional world, she'd pick either the world of Harry Potter or Narnia.

8. She loves potato chips, and says she couldn't live without her salt and vinegar chips.


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9. She loves to paint.

"Especially abstract art."

-Leana Deeb

10. Her favorite song of all time is "Runaway" by Kanye West.

"I love the piano part at the beginning."

-Leana Deeb

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11. Her favorite day of the year is the first day of winter.

"Cozy 'fits are my favorite."

-Leana Deeb

12. Authenticity is the most important thing to Leana.

"I will always keep it real and be honest and open with my audience."

-Leana Deeb


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