Tegan Marie's New Cover of "Blue" Just Might Give You Chills

Tegan Marie just released a cover of LeAnn Rimes' Grammy-winning song "Blue," and we have actual goosebumps, rn.

Tegan revealed to Sweety High that she has always adored LeAnn Rimes as an artist and role model.

"Personally, I think 'Blue' is one of the most amazing country songs," Tegan told us. "It really is an old school track that can never grow tired. Why wouldn't I want to cover this song?!"

We're sure glad you did, Tegan! We're still just trying to wrap our heads around how such a powerful voice can come out of such a tiny girl. Keep the covers coming!


Tegan is totes giving us life with all of her recent music. Have you heard her new single "Lucky Me"? You have to check it out HERE.