Devastating Struggles Only Left-Handed People Will Understand

Raise your left hand in the air if you're a lefty and you're proud of it. ????

Today we're celebrating you A.) Because you deserve recognition for all that you put up with in this right-hand dominated world, and B.) Because it's Left Hander's Day!

Let's celebrate by shedding some light on the lefty struggles you deal with like a champ each and every day.

Left-handed person writing in a notebook

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1. First and foremost, one of your biggest pet peeves is that you are always getting ink smudges on your hand. There's no way to write in your notebook and avoid it. Welp.

2. For you, trying to find a pair of left-handed scissors is like trying to find a unicorn. Impossible. You usually end up using a pair made for righties, and you almost break your thumb off doing it. ????

Scissors made for a left-handed person

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3. Bowling is the absolute worst. Hello, where are the balls for lefties? You can't be expected to bring your own, but so it goes. Whatever happened to a thing called equal rights, people?

4. If you happen to sit next to a righty at the dinner table (which, let's be real, is almost always the case), you can't get through the meal without bumping elbows with them at least 2343535 times. So frustrating.

5. And when you're not bumping elbows, you're accidentally stealing their water glass, because obvi it's more natural for you to reach for the drink to your left. It's hard following table etiquette when it goes against your instincts!

Glass of water

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6.  Writing in a three-ring binder is your worst nightmare. Where is your hand supposed to go while you're writing? In between the rings? Ouch.

7. Finding a writing desk at school made specifically for left-handed students is beyond difficult. If there is one, you have to run to class in hopes that you'll beat the other lefty who is just as desperate for it as you.

School writing desk for right-handed people

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8. Sports equipment in gym class (golf clubs, hockey sticks, etc.) is rarely made available for you. Good luck getting that one left-handed glove when your P.E. teacher decides it's a good day to play a game of baseball.

9. Learning to play an instrument like the violin or guitar doesn't seem as easy or accessible because you have to go on the hunt for one that is suited just for your type. Not easy.

Brown and white electric guitar

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10. You hate to admit it, but you're sometimes paranoid you're going to die younger than right-handed people because of dumb conspiracy theories. They mess with your head!

11. You still can't get through a single day without at least one person being totally floored when you tell them you're a lefty.

The left-handed struggles are real, indeed.


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