Easy And Delicious Desserts You Can Make With Leftover Halloween Candy!?

Try as you might, there is no humanly way possible that you will be able to finish all of the Halloween candy you got trick or treating. Fortunately, we found some delicious desserts you can make with your leftover candy so it won't all go to waste. We bet you can't get through this post without licking your screen!?


Halloween Candy Bark

Recipe: Halloween Candy Bark

What You'll Need: Lots of candy and plenty of chocolate chips to melt for the bark part of this treat!

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 15 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: Just A Taste)


candy corn pretzel bites

Recipe: Candy Corn Pretzel Bites

What You'll Need: Candy corn, Hershey's kisses and pretzels

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 20 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: Live Well Bake Often)


leftover candy stuffed brownies

Recipe: Leftover Candy Stuffed Brownies

What You'll Need: Brownie mix and a handful of your fave Fun Sized candy

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 50 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: Leelalicious)


triple peanut butter monster cookie bars

Recipe: Triple Peanut Butter Monster Cookie Bars

What You'll Need: Enough peanut butter to make PB&J sandwiches for the rest of your life and tons of M&M's, mini Heath Bars, chocolate chips and Reese's Peanut Butter chips

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 30 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: Averie Cooks)


halloween candy corn pancakes

Recipe: Halloween Candy Corn Pancakes

What You'll Need: The pancake mix of your heart's desire, Fun Sized chocolates, and either candy corn or Reese's Pieces to mix in the batter

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 15 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: Babble)


snickers stuffed chewy chocolate chip cookies

Recipe: Snickers Stuffed Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

What You'll Need: Some cookie dough, extra chocolate chips and Snickers Bites

Total Time You'll Spend Making It: 45 minutes

(Get the full recipe here: The Pinning Mama)


If you were one of the brave souls who attempted to eat all of your Halloween candy and succeeded, chances are you have plenty of candy wrappers lying all around you. Don't throw them away just yet! Get crafty and learn how to make a wallet or even a bracelet out of those wrappers HERE!