16 Leg-Shaving Struggles That Never Get Easier

The day your mom hands you a razor and shaving cream and teaches you how to shave is a major rite of passage.

What's even more amazing is the silky smooth feeling of shaving your legs for the very first time. Ahh, a memory you won't soon forget.

But once all of this growing up glamour wears off, you realize that the novelty of shaving comes with quite a few struggles.

No, it's not just you. Scroll below for the shaving struggles we all experience:

1. Navigating the knee and ankle is a dangerous move each time you shave. The nooks and crannies produced by the odd shape of these bones put your chances of nicking your skin at high risk. This doesn't look or feel cute.

2. These oddly shaped joints aren't the only bits of leg that are hard to shave. Don't even get us started on shaving over or around sensitive bug bites, bruises or pre-existing scrapes or cuts. You're bound to avoid these areas, leaving strange patches of hair visible.

3. Feeling as though you just shaved, yet your legs already look like two hairy monsters. This may be Halloween season but we weren't thinking about going as werewolves.

4. Not realizing until way too late that you nicked the back of your calf while shaving and have been walking around with a creepy trail of dried blood all day long.

5. That feeling when you run out of shaving cream one leg in and have to resort to shampoo for the second.

6. Razor burn. Need I say more?

7. When you have to calculate the rest of your week's activities and outfits to determine whether you should bother shaving or not.

8. The pain of shaving too soon to get rid of spiky stubble for a last minute date or leggy outfit choice. While this all started because you wanted to look nice, you're bound to end up with irritated red bumps on your skin. Not worth it.


9. Anyone else ever just straight up forget to do the second leg as though you're a one-woman before-and-after picture?

10. Missing a spot… or a few. Between all the soap and overhead shower lighting, it can be so easy to skip a strip of leg, but in the light of day this mishap is so obvious.

11.  The moment you realize that razors marketed for men are way better and way less expensive. Give us precision over pink packaging any day!

12. Learning the hard way that shaving without taking a full shower is way harder and way more messy than it looks in the movies. Why must the silver screen always lie to us?

13. Having to say goodbye to your OTP razor because it's become dull. RIP, beautiful!!

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14. How can such a tiny cut produce horror movie amounts of blood? How??

15. Having super dry skin after being forced to use a cheap razor.

16. Waking up early to hop in the shower and shave just to find out that the weather forecast is chilly and you didn't need to shave after all.


If you're new to shaving and worry you might be doing it all wrong, click HERE for five tips we wish we knew before we conquered our hairy legs.