Legend by Marie Lu: Dystopian Action Done Right!

If you're looking to discover and enjoy a brand new world with another dystopian trilogy of novels, Legend by Marie Lu might be a great fit!
Legend Book Review

Legend is the first in a trilogy written by Marie Lu, followed by sequels Prodigy and Champion. It follows the story of Day, a not-so-average 15-year-old boy.

Day is a most wanted criminal within the Republic, the broken, western remains of what used to be the United States. He lives in the slums along with his younger companion, Tess, unable to return to his family because he is believed to be dead.

June Iparis is also 15. She is the military's most recent prodigy, scoring a perfect 1500 on her trial, a test designed to test the physical aptitude and mental aptitude of teens. She manages to get much farther in her school and training than any other kid her age ever has.

June lives a comfortable life, born into one of the more elite families within the Republic, with a caring older brother named Metias to look after her.

She has heard stories of the infamous Day and his seemingly impossible deeds against the Republic, including destroying fighter jets and scaling buildings at amazing speeds. She idolizes him at first, particularly for the fact that he has done all of these things without ever harming a single person. Day has never been known to kill.

This remains true until he becomes a suspect in the murder of Metias, the only family June had left after their parents died in a car crash.

The military soon gives June her first mission, to capture Day. June goes undercover in the slums, attempting to find out anything she can about the young criminal.

June accidentally finds herself joining in a "skiz fight," or fistfight, after just a few days in the slums, when she tries to protect a young girl from having to enter the fight herself. Although June is able to defend herself extremely well, her opponent manages to stab her with a small knife.

The young girl happens to be Tess, Day's only companion and friend. He ends up tending to June's wound. They all stay together for a few days, but Day keeps his identity a secret. The two end up growing quite fond of each other until June finds out the truth.

Eventually, the two uncover even more secrets behind their meeting, along with the many terrible lengths the government will go to in order to achieve their goals.

When Day's family is endangered, and as June slowly learns the truth behind her brother's death, both become desperate to take greater action against the Republic. You'll just have to read the book to see what happens next!

Legend is popular with readers who enjoy books like Divergent. However, the book has some slightly mature material when it comes to scenes of violence, and may not be appropriate for all young readers.

For those who like dystopian societies with strong characters and a story including action, suspense, and a dose of romance, this book is sure to be a hit!

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