This Brand New Leggings Line Is Double the Comfort, Half the Price

When it comes to wearing leggings, I have a great deal of experience.

From Teeki, to Alo, to Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, Liquido, Fabletics and more, I think I own more pairs of the popular polyester athleisure wear than I do shoes.

three girls do pushups on a yoga mat during a workout

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That said, I can tell you that the biggest problem I have with leggings is that even though they can suck you in and give your tush just the added lift it needs, they aren't necessarily the most comfortable things to wear. Granted, they're much comfier than jeans or trousers of course, but they're pretty tight-fitting (I mean, that's the point) and even though they have a reputation for being comfy, I typically take them off as soon as I get home from wherever I wore them.

When I heard about familiar…yet different, a new line of stylish leggings that are a whopping $60 a pop (without a required membership of any kind), I obviously ordered them immediately. To be honest, based on the price, I didn't really know what to expect. But what I got was just what the name of the line promises: a familiar yet different feel.

I ordered their high-waisted yoga pants in navy blue chinoiserie print, and when they arrived, they definitely felt "familiar" in terms of material and trendy style, "yet different" in terms of fit. This was the first time I actually wanted to not only workout in my leggings, but I wanted to sleep in them, too (well, not after a workout obviously). They also have a stretchy little pocket sewn into their inside, so you can fit a credit card or key without having to schlep it around.



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The line isn't limited to just leggings. They have a slew of graphic tees and tanks, crop tops, beach towels and home decor, featuring your fave slogans and prints. Thanks to the price, I'm about to be all stocked up for summer.


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