The Different Types of Leggings Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

We could write an ode to leggings, the perfectly stretchy bottoms that you can comfortably wear anywhere.

They are easy to pack and usually don't break the bank. They are a closet staple that no girl can live without. Nowadays, brands have upped their game and have given us some amazing designs that can be really dressed up or dressed down. We've rounded up the newest, must-have legging styles. Can't wait to see how you rock yours!

Leggings with Sequin Designs

Eye leggings

(via Nasty Gal)

This fun and colorful version is perfect for the "edgy" girl. It's not a typical design and it definitely takes guts to rock it. Although this version from Nasty Gal has a steep price tag, we suggest getting inspiration from this and setting out to make your own DIY pair. You can purchase sequined patches from a craft store and hot glue them onto a simple black pair of leggings or thick tights.


Disco Leggings

Sequin Leggings

(via Nasty Gal)

If you aren't afraid to lay on the shine, these leggings are for you! The high-waisted profile is perfect for cropped tops. They can also be dressed down with a big baggy sweatshirt and choker. The gold, metallic color makes them match with virtually anything.


Your New Favorite "Jeans"

Cutout Leggings

(via SheIn)

Leggings as jeans are nothing new. Nevertheless, the word "jegging" is enough to conjure images of ill fitting, denim-wannabe pieces. This version is nothing like that. It provides the comfort of leggings while imitating a good jean design. We love the cutouts on these, and because they come in black, we feel we can pair them with every top in our closet.


Bandage Leggings

Bondage Leggings

(via Amazon)

These bandage leggings are one of our favorites out there! They are versatile enough to be used like you would regular black leggings, but the design offers a bit of flair. They mimic what a bandage would look like if it was criss-crossed all over your legs.


Sporty Leggings

Sporty leggings

(via SheIn)

We've spotted this look on all of our favorite ladies: Gigi, Bella and Kendall. They effortlessly pair their striped, sporty bottoms with crop-tops and jackets. We love this under $10 version from discount website SheIn. You can pair it with all-white sneakers for daytime or heels for a night out.


Imitation Leather Leggings

Imitation Leather leggings

(via H&M)

Imitation leather leggings are the ultimate wardrobe staple. They can be worn under a leather jacket with heels for date night or they can be paired with flats and a sweater for movie night. They go well with everything in your closet, but the texture always makes it seem as if you are a bit dressed up. Every girl should have a pair of imitation leather leggings in her closet!


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