This Is the Only Time Playing With Your Food Is Actually Encouraged

We know it's basically a cardinal rule from every mom on this planet to not play with food.

But, at last, we think we may have found an exception to this! A Japanese artist by the name of Tary creates food art with one of our fave childhood toys – Legos!

Take a look at some of his creations that look almost good enough to eat. ????????


You'll probably want to start with an entrée. Maybe a yummy slice of Lego pizza to begin?


Still hungry? Chow down on this delish bento box, chopsticks and all!


Keep the sushi coming and bite into this shrimp tempura over rice. NOM! ????


If you're craving something heavy, you're in luck! We've got the perfect Lego burger and fries for ya.


Dessert time! This Lego treat will totally satisfy your sweet tooth.


Can we all just get a little bite of this chocolate mug cake? If this wasn't plastic, we'd be so tempted rn.


Let's just top off the feast with a bit of chocolate and a spot of tea. ☕


Did you ever think you could drool over Legos? We didn't either. Let the mouthwatering continue as you watch our Sweet Treats video where we show you how to make nommy strawberry cheesecake bites HERE!