Girl Turns Lego Friends Juice Bar Kit Into Incredible Robot!

If The Lego Movie taught us anything, it was that it's okay to think outside the box! When one girl received The Lego Friends Heartlake Juice Bar set, she decided to skip on the instructions, turning the juice bar into a mighty robot!lego friends juice bar robot girl power

The images were shared by a poster on imgur, who explained that their friend's daughter received the Lego Friends set for Christmas, and that together, the daughter and their parent decided not to follow the instructions.

Lego Friends is a range of Lego toys created specifically to appeal to girls. While we like the sets, they can be a bit stereotypical of girls. We love that the given pieces can be taken and turned into something the creators of the set probably never expected!lego friends juice bar robot girl power

The robot looks amazing, and the included Lego Friend girl makes the perfect pilot! 

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