Meet Leila Shams, the Genius Behind Shapewear Brand TA3

If you've ever been in a situation where you've needed to throw on a swimsuit but just weren't feeling yourself, trust us when we say we've all been there.

And no one knows that better than Leila Shams of the shapewear brand TA3. TA3 is actually "EAT" backwards, and we just adore that cheeky yet subtle message—that you can eat and live your normal life while rocking a swimsuit. We just had to learn more about the brand and Leila, and she was kind enough to share some fun facts about herself and the iconic brand in the interview, below!

Name: Leila Shams

IG Handle: @leilashamsfashion and @ta3swim

Hometown: Towson, MD

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. When she went on Shark Tank for TA3, she forgot her line and yelled "S**t."

2. Her personal style is comfortable and polished.

"I like oversized pants and jackets with high heels. It's comfortable but polished. And my friend Faith's rings @yara_sophia."

-Leila Shams


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3. TA3 is known for its mega-sculpting swimsuits, dresses and bodysuits.

4. Leila isn't afraid to do what's uncomfortable.

"The most uncomfortable things always have the biggest payout. I read a lot of self-help books and they all say this. I've posted myself naked pulling the suit over my belly and almost passed out from embarrassment. But people loved it."

-Leila Shams

5. Her favorite style trends at the moment are platforms and no eyebrows.


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6. Leila adores the spider brooch her mother gave her.

"My mom always wore a giant spider brooch on her shoulder and it would make people scream in horror."

-Leila Shams

7. She's loving TA3's Zippy Suit ($178).

8. She likes following @kiramackenz on TikTok.

"My favorite person to follow is @kiramackenz for brand type of stuff but I love it all. I'm an addict. It's a daily struggle."

-Leila Shams


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9. When Leila is in a rush, she typically wears a big sweater or jacket over a TA3 suit, big pants, heels and lots of rings.

10. Above all else, Leila wants people to know one thing.

"I'm obsessed with making women feel confident."

-Leila Shams


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