Here's What We Really Think of Lemon Perfect's Cold-Pressed Lemon Waters

I've always been a sucker for all things citrus. Whether it's lime, orange or lemon, I'all over it—and that extends to delicious beverages.

So when the folks behind Lemon Perfect, a new brand of cold-pressed lemon water drinks, reached out to me, I couldn't resist the offer to try them out. They sent me one of each of their four flavors, and here's what I discovered.

The Product

Lemon Perfect makes cold-pressed lemon water drinks with half of a squeezed organic lemon in every 12 fl.oz. bottle. Lemon water may sound like it would either be ultra-sour or lacking flavor, but the sugar-free beverages are sweetened with organic erythritol and organic stevia leaf extracts to make them go down smooth, with just one net carb per bottle.

Each bottle contains your daily dose of Vitamin C without any added artificial ingredients. According to the Lemon Perfect website, it's also full of hydrating electrolytes and the benefits of lemon, including enhanced digestion, lower stress, clear skin and increased metabolism. Lemon Perfect is also non-GMO, gluten-free and paleo. It comes in Just Lemon, Peach Raspberry, Blueberry Açai, and Dragon Fruit Mango flavors, and each bottle retails for just $1.99.



The Experience

Just Lemon

I hadn't read the full list of ingredients before sipping my first bottle of Lemon Perfect, and hearing that the drink contained no sugar, I was ready for a sour lemon flavor to make me pucker up. Instead, I found that their Just Lemon flavor tasted like a light lemonade, delicately balancing the tartness of lemon with a sweetness that didn't taste strange or artificial. It was all too easy to gulp down, and I was happy to get the satisfaction of drinking a lemonade without the icky, sugar-logged feeling that sometimes follows it. It felt wonderfully hydrating, and I loved that it was also a low-calorie drink.



Peach Raspberry

Once I'd tried the Just Lemon flavor of Lemon Perfect, I couldn't wait to have another flavor at my next meal to see how it might compare. I decided to try the Peach Raspberry flavor next, and found it was just as delicious as the first. As the drink went down, a hint of peach mingled with the lemon, and I found that it had a raspberry aftertaste that lingered for a moment after every sip.



Blueberry Açai

Blueberry Açai was up next, and though it was probably my least favorite of the four, I'd still be happy to drink it any day of the week. This flavor had a light berry flavor throughout, and though I couldn't specifically identify the taste as blueberry or açai, it was still tasty, and just as refreshing as the drinks that came before it.



Dragon Fruit Mango

Maybe it was because it was my last bottle, but I found the Dragon Fruit Mango flavor of Lemon Perfect to be my favorite of the four. It had the punchiest flavor of the set, with a tang of dragon fruit as it went down, and a tart mango aftertaste that kept me coming back for more until the bottle was all gone.



Bottom Line

If you like lemonade and lemon-flavored drinks, I can't see any reason you wouldn't love Lemon Perfect. While I felt pretty great after drinking each bottle, I can't speak specifically to all of the health claims made by the company. Still, I'd eagerly have them again, and at $1.99 per bottle, they don't break the bank, either. If there's one complaint I have, is that they're not yet available country-wide. Click HERE for their store locator to find out if Lemon Perfect is sold near you.


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