Best Birthday Gifts for Beauty-Loving Leo In Your Life

Leo season is upon us, ladies!

You know what that means—the lioness in your life will be celebrating their birthday, which is bound to be loads of fun. Leo season is all about fun, confidence and spending time with friends and family. If you have a Leo pal and you want to spoil them this year, have you thought about what to get them?

Since this sign tends to light up every room they walk into, we know they love their beauty gadgets. Keep reading for the best birthday gifts for the beauty-loving Leo in your life.

Velour Beauty Fluff'N Brow Pencil: $25

With so many brow products on the market, it's hard to determine the good from the bad. Velour Beauty's new Fluff'N brow pencil is among the amazing, and it gets the job done. Featuring a three-in-one design, this product includes a teardrop pencil, tinted brow bomb and a spoolie, aka, all you could ever need. Your Leo will love this no-fuss, easy-to-use makeup tool.

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Kopari Beauty Hydrating Body Wash: $18

Since Leos are summer babies, they have an inherent affinity for the tropics. That's why they'll obsess over Kopari Beauty's latest hydrating body wash. This new product smells of delicious, mouth-watering coconut milk, and will leave their body feeling smooth and super hydrated. Full of aloe vera, sea kelp and coconut water, this body wash is seriously one of a kind.

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Rude Cosmetics Roaring 20's Carefree Eyeshadow Palette: $22

A girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, and that's a fact! Since Leos are all about being the life of the party, why not gift them with a palette that embodies that? This roaring 20's-themed eyeshadow palette channels everyone's favorite sayings from the 1920's, in the form of shadow names! Some of our favorites are Bee's Knees, Swell, Schnookums and Daddy-O.

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Ulta Birthday Cake Bath Bomb: $8.50

Even Leos need some alone time, and that's where Ulta's new birthday collection comes to play. Their newly released birthday cake bath bomb is just what the doctor ordered. Featuring a delicious vanilla cupcake scent, your Leo will be left feeling super refreshed. All the birthday girl needs to do is pop this into her bathtub, relax and enjoy.


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Nails.INC Freshly Juiced Scented Nail Polish Duo: $15

The essence of summer is bright and centered around sweet fruits, which is just what Nails.INC had in mind when they created their new collection, Freshly Juiced. The first color is a vibrant orange, perfect for those who want to show off their fresh tan. The second is a juicy watermelon pink, great for the girly Leo in your life. And the best part? The polishes even smell fruity.

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Mineral Air Reservoir Head + Mattifier Duo: $80

Perhaps the most boujee of the star signs, Leos love getting all glammed-up for date nights and even dinners with just the girls. That's why your Leo will absolutely love Mineral Air's newest drop—the mattifier. All they'll need to do is add in about 7-10 drops of the mattifying liquid into the reservoir head, apply it about four inches away from their face and spray all over. This will give them a matte look that will even stay in tact under a COVID protective face mask.

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