11 Memes You'll Only Understand If You're a Leo

Prepare your goodbye speeches, Cancers—Leo season is almost here.

Starting on July 23, Leos will assume their rightful place in the spotlight, and we all know they couldn't be more excited.

To adequately kick off the start of this new season in the zodiac, keep scrolling for 11 memes you'll only understand if you're a Leo.

1. Well, this is harsh:


2. I mean, it's not wrong:


3. It's really hard to hold our tongue:


4. The gang's all here:


5. The picture is all about us though, right?


6. Well, we certainly don't want any of that:


7. You're only a true friend if you laugh:


8. We don't understand why this is wrong:


9. Never:


10. Nobody asked for your input:

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11. Sorry, we needed a better angle:


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