Here's Why Wearing Less Makeup Might Make You Feel More Beautiful

From the time I was little, I've always loved the idea of makeup and the notion that your face is a canvas and beauty products are your art tools.

Although I love the concept of makeup, I've never actually been too fond of using it. At first, I chose not to wear a ton of it for obvious reasons—like it's expensive and it takes time to apply.

But as I've grown older, I've started wearing less and less makeup for a different reason—because it makes me feel beautiful.

Scroll below to see just four reasons why wearing less or no product could make you feel the same way.

1. It May Mean Less Breakouts

In junior high, I honestly didn't take care of my skin. I would load up on products that would clog my pores and didn't work with my skin type. I would pile layer after layer on to my face, and then, I would wonder why I'd have massive breakouts.

As I grew older, I started investing in products meant for my skin type. I grew to understand that I didn't have to put on massive amounts of foundation to get the coverage I needed, and I realized that my skin was the happiest and healthiest when I wore little or none.

Taking a break from makeup was beneficial for my skin and actually boosted my confidence. The second I let it breathe, it cleared up, and I was able to find products that gave me slight coverage without looking so dense.

Girl with no makeup on smiling in the sun

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2. It Can Open Up Free Up Time for Participating in Other Things That Make You Feel Beautiful

It's amazing how much time is freed up when you don't apply a full face of makeup every day. Now that I only use mascara, chapstick and a tinted moisturizer, I have ample time to do other things in the morning that contribute to my confidence—like working out, taking a nice long shower and spending time doing my hair. Can you imagine what you would do with the extra time?


3.  It May Help You Accept Your "Flaws"

One of the purposes of makeup is to cover up flaws, and I get it, some flaws (like a pesky little pimple) are totally worth covering up. However, makeup shouldn't be used to cover up things that are a part of who you are.

When I first started using makeup in junior high, I would use a concealer stick to cover up a couple of moles on my face that I deemed "ugly."

As I've grown older, I've stopped covering up those moles (or beauty marks, as I now call them).

It was sometime between junior and senior year of high school that I finally recognized that these marks are not imperfections, they are a part of me.

If you're someone who, like me, used or uses makeup to cover up things you don't think are beautiful according to society's standards, stop. Try not covering them up for a day, try embracing them—you might be surprised how you feel.

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4. It Will Help You Appreciate a Compliment That Much More

I'm not going to lie, when my makeup looks good, I feel confident, strong and like I can conquer the world.

With a face full of makeup, I expect compliments. Why else would I cover my face up in product?

With a bare face, I don't expect compliments. Why? Because who could think my raw imperfections are beautiful, right? Wrong.

Receiving a compliment while wearing absolutely no makeup is perhaps one of the most satisfying and amazing feelings ever.

The person complimenting you is seeing you in your most pure and vulnerable state. You're not trying to hide a blemish, enhance your eyelashes or cheekbones or even perfect your eyebrow arch. You are you, no makeup involved—and that individual  is recognizing your inherent beauty both inside and out.

It's a pretty spectacular feeling and reminds you something we often forget: Beauty lies within.


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