Sick of Your Playlists? Here Are 11 ????Songs We Bet You've Never Heard

Summer is all about experiencing new things—music being one of them!

While year after year, our ears are subjected to what the radio or Spotify deems "songs of summer," there are a lot of quality tracks (and genres) out there that don't get the love they deserve.

flavia til i die music video

("Til I Die" via YouTube)

With the season coming to a close, we felt like using these last couple weeks of freedom to put together a playlist of songs we're not sick of hearing. From moody dream ballads to high-energy, pump-up songs, this fresh list should get you through those campus halls you're probably dreading.

Keep scrolling for 11 ???? songs we bet you've never heard.

1. 'Man on the Moon' by Zella Day

Zella Day will put you on cloud nine with her dreamy, bright track "Man on the Moon." It's perfect for that final summer road trip, hanging out with  friends, or daydreaming alone.


2. 'No Better' by Raveena

Raveena has created her own lucid, dreamy sound infused with pop, R&B and jazz genres to produce tracks that are saturated in soul. Let her glowing voice on "No Better" take you away!


3. 'Plans' by Maude Latour

At just 19-years-old, Columbia University student, Maude Latour, is making major moves in the indie-pop world. Her song "Plans" is a romantic, haunting tune that'll make you want to dance and fall in love, long after summer's gone.


4. 'Belong in the Sun' by ¿Téo? f./ Lido

This Bossanova-inspired pop song brings something new to the music game. "Belong in the Sun" is perfect for any hangout, whether the summer sun is shining, or the fall leaves are blowing. All of your friends will love it, so prepare to play it loud.


5. 'Baja Only Wanna Be with You' by Vista Kicks

"Baja Only Wanna Be with You" is everything California surf rock. Think driving to the beach with all the windows down, rocking out with your friends. If you're feeling nostalgic of summers' past, this song will instantly take you back to those times.


6. 'Wyld' by Payge Turner

"Wyld" is the ultimate anthem of embracing who you are. The artist allows herself the freedom to be who she is and doesn't let anyone take that away from her. Let "Wyld" inspire you to become your own free spirit this school year.


7. 'Til I Die' by FLAVIA

High energy, colorful, and bold, FLAVIA is a force to be reckoned with in the pop world. Her music is perfect for a party, a workout pump-me-up, or simply just a powerful mood boost. Be sure to check out "Til I Die" for an energetic, synthy sound.


8. 'The Spot' by Your Smith

This funky, indie track is a perfect vibe for pretty much anything, and it also happens to be a lowkey breakup song—if that's what you're going through.


9. 'Ta Reine' by Angèle

Belgian artist, Angèle, has been taking Europe, and now the US, by storm with her lo-fi pop tracks, unique electronic sound, and velvet voice. She's almost like a Belgian Billie Eilish! One of her most popular tracks, "Ta Reine," is a perfect chill groove for any mood of the day.


10. 'The Nashville Song' by Mink's Miracle Medicine

West Virginia duo, Mink's Miracle Medicine, are incredible storytellers and musicians, and they're a couple! Their whimsical, magnetic sound is unlike any other, but we'll let you find out for yourself—you probably won't be able to stop singing along.


11. 'Lost at Sea' by The Bash Dogs

If rock is more your speed, definitely add "Lost at Sea" to your latest playlist. Straight out of the California rock scene, this song will make you want to dance and let loose. This is a year-round jam that'll bring the feeling of summer, even if you're in the depths of rain and snow. Whether rock is your thing or not, check out "Lost at Sea" for an underground groove that your friends have probably never heard.


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