Lexi Noel's Tumblr-Inspired Quick Morning Routine Tutorials!

In episode 8 of Lexi Noel TV it's time to go back to school! Lexi shows us her Tumblr-inspired quick morning routine for those days you can't spend a lot of time on doing your hair and makeup or picking out the perfect outfit!

She begins by sharing her tips on how to still feel fresh, clean and beautiful in a hurry when you have to skip the shower!

Next, she walks us through her hair and makeup routines!

Tumblr-inspired messy bunLexi Noel shows off an 8-step messy bun tutorial, using just a hair  brush and bobby pins

  1. For this great look, you'll need a brush and your trusty bobby pins!
  2. Begin by combing back any flyaways
  3. Flip your head forward and collect it all into one ponytail starting at the top of your head
  4. Twist the pony a bit to tighten
  5. Twist into a small top-knot on top of your head
  6. Stick the knot in place with your bobby pins!
  7. Pull at the bun a bit from the top to loosen and transform into the perfect messy look
  8. Your messy bun is now complete!

Next up, makeup!Lexi Noel shows off an 8 step makeup tutorial with foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye pencil, mascara and lip gloss

  1. After applying your favorite moisturizers, apply your foundation evenly across the face to cover up any discoloration
  2. Use your favorite concealer around your eyes
  3. A high-quality powder will set in the makeup work you've done so far
  4. Add some blush to your cheekbones
  5. Take a white or nude eyeliner pencil to line your waterline
  6. Apply mascara!
  7. Add a touch of lip gloss…
  8. And your look is done!

Last but not least, Lexi throws together her simple look using basic pieces! You'll have to check out the video to see them all!

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