Lexi Noel's Tips For Health & Happiness In the New Year!

Episode 7 of Lexi Noel TV is all about creating a healthier, happier you for new year 2015, and it's exclusively on Sweety High!

Lexi begins the episode by sharing recipes for three healthy but delicious breakfasts, walking us through each delectable step! She'll teach you how to make a strawberry banana flaxseed smoothie, avocado toast and yummy home fries! As always, if knives or heat are involved, make sure you have an adult around!

lexi noel tv episode 7 healthy breakfast exerciseNext up, Lexi shares her five favorite quick exercises to stay in shape this year!lexi noel exercise

Last but not least, the video features a round of Lexi Noel's Expectations Vs. Reality! It seems something always gets in the way to derail her plans!

What's your favorite part of the episode? Comment below to share your thoughts with Lexi, and join our community at Sweety High to discuss!