22 Reasons Liam Payne Is Your Fave Member Of 1D On His 22nd Birthday

If you haven't started celebrating Liam Payne's 22nd birthday yet, you're doing today all wrong. Today is all about Liam, and here are 22 Liam moments that will instantly remind you why he's your favorite member of One Direction.

1. When he showed us he has the stuff to star in Jurassic Park 5.

2. When he showed us the way to perfect inner peace.

3. When this tiger face paint made him look happier than he's ever been in his life.

4. When he transformed into the dark knight in an instant with this heroic apron.

5. And then proved he's Batman again with this super snapback. 

6. Did we mention that Batman topped his 19th birthday cake?

7. Basically, he is the night.

8. When Liam wrote THE ultimate shower singing jam, "Squeaky Clean Dream."

9. When Sophiam became ALL of your relationship goals.

10. When he said he would totally be your pool cleaner.

11. His flawless ice bucket challenge video.

12. When this tweet reminded us all why Liam is Daddy Direction.

13. When he was truly fearless in the face of ginormous snakes.

14. But his fear of spoons and it made him seem a little more human.

15. When Liam singlehandedly mashed up One Direction "Gangnam Style" together into one glorious video.

16. When he said what we were all thinking about signing at the top of ours lungs in the car.

17. When baby Liam stole our hearts.

18. And babier Liam made us actually fall in love.

19. When he got his "Happy" on in Pharrell's hat.

20. When Liam started transforming into David Beckham.

21. When he told us his job was to make US happy.

22. And when, at long last, he proclaimed his actual love for us.

 What moment tops your list of reasons you love Liam? Share please!