12 Memes You'll Only Relate to If You're a Libra

Welcome to your season, Libra.

On Sept. 23, we officially switched from the methodical, detail-focused stress of Virgo season to the peaceful, harmonizing effects of Libra season. And while we'll all feel the impact of this balancing season of the zodiac, no one is more excited than Libras themselves.

If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate the start of Libra season, keep scrolling for 12 memes you'll only relate to if you're a Libra.

1. Nope, don't need this:

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2. Yum:


3. Uhhh, we're waiting:


4. But are you sure you aren't mad?


5. Libra will protect everyone: 


6. These aren't the same thing?


7. Beware of our tactics:

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8. Wait, this is not what we wanted:


9. Ah yes, that sounds much better:


10. Decisions are hard:

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11. You should really work on that:

12. That about sums it up:


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