Lies You Tell Yourself When You Don't Get a Text Back

We definitely have a love-hate relationship with texting.

On one hand, it's undeniably the easiest form of communication… but on the other hand, there's nothing that compares to the total anxiety of waiting for a text back, especially when that message you're counting on never comes.

Riverdale: Betty texting

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In order to save your self-esteem, you (aka all of us) probably turn to totally unrealistic explanations for their lack of response. Anything's better than facing the truth, right?

Keep scrolling for lies you tell yourself when you don't get a text back.

'They probably didn't see it.'

We live in an era where everyone's addicted to their phones, meaning there's absolutely no way someone just "didn't see" your message. How would this even work? There are multiple kinds of notifications that pop up for every single text message, including banners, sounds and a two-minute reminder. Your phone literally makes it impossible for you to miss a text message. Trust us, they saw it.

Girl Looking at Her Phone

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'They were probably busy.'

This lie could conceivably be the truth—after all, people have lives—but there's definitely an expiration date on how long you can cling to this excuse. If you sent a text 30 days ago and still haven't gotten a response, you can't keep telling yourself they were busy. Busy every second of the day for thirty whole days? C'mon. You can use this excuse for 24 hours tops, and then you just have to accept that they really didn't want to talk to you.

'My phone didn't send it correctly.'

Ugh, cue the eye roll. Along with "maybe their phone didn't receive it," this lie is a sign of total desperation. Rather than admitting that someone probably just doesn't want to talk to you, you start trying to blame technology. It's no one's fault, it's just your pesky iPhone acting up again… right? Wrong! Sadly, this isn't 2008 and you're not texting off a Nokia flip phone. They got your message, they just didn't respond.

Girl Texting With Coffee

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'They probably lost their phone.'

Okay, so we're totally willing to admit that losing your phone does happen. People are irresponsible and sometimes your butterfingers act up right as you're flushing the toilet—we don't judge. However, for someone to lose their phone right at the exact moment that you're waiting for a text back? We can all agree that it's probably a little too coincidental to actually be true.

'They're napping.'

Again, this lie has a time limit. Napping for seven hours? Yeah, okay. Unless it's the middle of the night you can probably throw this lie out the window. Also, who has time to nap anymore? Unless you're 5 years old, napping isn't really an acceptable excuse for anything.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna Texting

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

'They're bad at texting.'

Some people are totally on top of the texting game, while others are actually terrible at responding to text messages. But being bad at texting can'always be a valid excuse. If you've sent five text messages in a row and this person hasn't responded to you, it's safe to say they probably don't want to talk. Also, for the sake of your self-esteem, don't send five text messages in a row.

'They're probably thinking of what to say.'

The marvelous thing about texting is that it's so instantaneous. In 9/10 situations, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to think of an adequate response to a message. In fact, in almost all instances it shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds. The person you texted has not spent the past two hours thinking up the perfect response to "what are you doing tonight?" And if they have, you should probably run in the opposite direction because no one needs to put that much thought into anything.


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