15 Life Skills Teens Should Definitely Know

There are certain skills in life all of us should know from an early age.

And sure, there are things that will come with practice and time, but for those things that allow us to take care of ourselves? Yeah, it's about time to learn all you can! Whether you're heading into college, want to be more knowledgable or just overall want to better yourself, look below for the 15 life skills teens should definitely know.

1. How to Cook Yourself Food

Cooking is an essential part of life and something you want to learn before you head off on your own. After all, eating out for every meal is not only super expensive, but it's not the healthiest option, either!


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2. How to Schedule Your Own Appointments

Isn't it wild that some adults are too afraid to schedule their own appointments? Whether it's going to the dentist, doctor or even to get your hair cut, you can't rely on your parents or someone else to handle this. It's on you!


3. How to Budget Money

Whether you work to live or live to work, money is something every single person deals with, and how you manage and budget that money is a necessary factor in life. Getting into debt is something you should try to avoid at all costs, and you can do so by properly understanding and managing a budget.


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4. How to Groom Yourself

The last thing anyone wants to be known as is the smelly person. It'so important to groom yourself. From taking daily showers to brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant, clipping your nails, maintaining your hair and wearing clean clothes, grooming is something everyone needs to learn from an early age.


5. How to Drive

Driving is another skill in life that teens should learn. Even if you don't have a car of your own and only have access to a parent's vehicle, this is a skill that will come in handy down the line in life.


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6. How to Do Laundry

Nobody likes to do laundry, but it's necessary. And sure, you can drop it off at a cleaner and pay them, but that's a total waste of money. You need to know all about colors and whites, fabric softener, what to not put in the dryer and more.


7. How to Manage Time

Managing time is another life skill everyone needs to know. From leaving on time to get to school or work and even setting enough time aside to read a book for class, time management is vital.


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8. How to Talk on the Phone

Talking on the phone goes hand in hand with scheduling your own appointments, but also with other factors in life. If you go into customer service later on as a career, for example, you need to have impeccable phone skills.


9. How to Act in Social Situations

You know those people that just have no manners? Yeah, you do not want to be like them. Knowing how to act in social situations is very important because it gives a glimpse to people as to what you're really like. Be kind and don't make a fool of yourself!


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10. How to Dress

If you're meeting your S.O.'s parents for the first time, going on a job interview, heading to church or something else, you need to know how to dress appropriately for every situation.


11. How to Make Decisions

Decision-making might sound like an easy thing to conquer, but that's actually far from the truth. A lot of people suffer from decision anxiety, and learning to defeat that will make your life so much easier.


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12. How to Read and Write

Reading and writing are learned skills you pick up at school from an early age, but if you want to really excel later on in life at college, the workforce and even eventually teaching your own children, reading and writing need to be top priorities for you. Not only are you capable of learning about whatever you want to learn about, but you can also share your own opinions through writing. It's such an incredible skill that everyone should take advantage of!


13. How to Communicate

Communication is key to succeeding in life, whether it be in work or personal relationships. Knowing what to say and when to say it will set you up for success and happiness.


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14. How to Be Clean and Tidy

Knowing how to be clean and tidy is one of the most important life skills you can learn. From making your bed to cleaning the dishes, taking the trash out of your car and putting away laundry, maintaining a tidy space is very important.


15. How to Be Independent

As a teenager, you rely a lot on your parents, friends and teachers, but you're closely getting to that point in life where you need to trust yourself and be independent. That's the only true way to really grow and mature.


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