Lift Chocolate's Sweet Treats Are All About A Vibrant, Innovative Approach to Chocolate

I consider myself very lucky to regularly be able to try new chocolates from the best and most imaginative chocolatiers around. I have to say that this part of my job never gets old.

And with Easter just around the corner, it's been a busy time for chocolate-tasting. Among the incredible candy companies to get in touch with me has been Lift Chocolate, a brand that strives to showcase chocolate in ways people have never seen before. When I saw what they had to offer, I couldn't turn down the chance to taste it all for myself, and here's what I discovered.

Sunny Mango Splitz: $9

One of Lift Chocolate's offerings is its 3 oz. Splitz bars, which layer unique flavors on top of chocolate to create unusual flavor combinations. Their Sunny Mango bar, for example, consists of vibrant, fruity mango on top of dark chocolate to create a complex blend of tastes it's difficult to find anywhere else. It's tropical, rich and sweetly satisfying all at once.


(via Lift Chocolate)


Coffee House Splitz: $9

The combination of coffee and chocolate may not be something that Lift invented for this bar, but it's a combination that never fails, and they absolutely nail it here. The top layer tastes of milky, sweetened coffee flavored with vanilla, while the dark chocolate below bestows it with some of the bitterness you'd expect from black coffee. The result is mocha bliss that's hard to put down.


(via Lift Chocolate)


Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials: $13

These fantastic dark chocolate cordials look like tiny frosted cupcakes, topped with a beautiful swirl and a shiny metallic purple sheen, complete with tiny wrappers. Five of them come in a pack, which is good, because after tasting one, you'll want to eat them all. The sweet filling of real candied Italian Amarena cherries goes beautifully with the chocolate to create an irresistible treat.

Lift Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials

(via Lift Chocolate)


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Now, these chocolates are a little confusing, because while they were my favorite item sent from Lift, I'm struggling to track them down in Lift's online shop. Their red and green color and strawberry shape make them absolutely stunning, and they taste just as amazing as they look. The insides are filled with a layer of milk chocolate topped with strawberries in syrup, giving them the authentic taste of a freshly dipped chocolate strawberry. I do hope they return to the shop soon, because they're absolutely delicious and absolutely worth trying for any lover of chocolate-dipped strawberries.


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