Like A Girl Ad Encourages Equality!

A new ad from Always asks us to redefine what it means to act "like a girl," and starts an important discussion about how young girls view themselves!Like A Girl Ad

In the video, a director asks men and women, kids and adults, to demonstrate how to run, throw and fight "like a girl."

In every group but one, participants take the direction to mean that they should flail, flip their hair and look weak as they act out these activities. Males and adult women turned the exercise into a joke and an insult.

However, the young girls who take part interpret "like a girl" to mean athletic, powerful and in charge.

The video seems to demonstrate that girls grow up knowing they're just as capable as their male counterparts. But over time, it seems that these expectations change.

Even if the phrase "like a girl" seems innocent, its incorrect use can have a lasting impact not only on how people view girls, but how girls view themselves.

Use "like a girl" as a compliment, not an insult. We can shape the way people think about what girls are capable of!

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