Everything You Need to Know About Rapper and Influencer Lil XXEL

Lil XXEL first flew onto our radar when we started hearing his music in every TikTok video on our feeds.

"LMK" is as romantic as it is melodic, and we firmly believe it's set to be one of the biggest anthems of the summer. The rapper and influencer has serious talent, and we were thrilled to get to know all about him this week. Keep reading to find out what we discovered.

Lil XXEL rapper man crush monday

(Photo credit: Zach Harnish)

Name: Alexander Perez

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Birthday: Oct. 14

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Lil XXEL wouldn't say he'super into sports, but he does enjoy them.

"I used to be a baseball player when I was younger. I'm talkin' all-out captain, shortstop, golden glove, etc. But that's all the past. I used to take the sport so seriously."


Lil XXEL filming video

(Photo credit: Zach Harnish)

2. He currently watches a lot of TLC'90 Day Fiancé on Hulu.

3. He loves simple pepperoni pizza.

4. His family currently owns a baby pug named Lylo and a brand new Pekingese puppy called Misu, and Lil XXEL has always loved dogs.

"My baby Milo forever holds a special place in my heart. He passed in Sept. 2019, and ever since then, I do everything in dedication to his nickname, Weezy."


5. He says people come to him all the time for straightforward advice.

"They usually ask anything, for the sole reason that I'll be completely honest on both the pros and cons of whatever it is."


Lil XXEL with flowers

(Photo credit: Zach Harnish)

6. If he could only buy clothes from one place, it'd be Balenciaga.

7. His favorite-ever fan encounter was the first time fans approached him.

"These two girls asked me to sign their phone cases and bought me Skittles, my favorite candy!"


8. He's definitely a night owl.

"My most creative moments come during the late hours."


9. Authenticity is incredibly important to him.

"I stay true to myself before anyone else. I make sure that I know I'm happy with what l'm doing and in every decision I make before I would try and please someone else."


Lil XXEL purple background

(Photo credit: Zach Harnish)


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