We Spoke With Stephie Tchamanian-Haley, Founder of Jewelry Brand Lili Claspe

For all the jewelry-obsessed babes out there, you know how many brands there are to choose from.

Let us introduce you to Lili Claspe, an affordable, quality-driven jewelry brand, made with love and detail. The genius behind the brand, Stephie Tchamanian-Haley, makes jewelry with you in mind. With one quick stalking of her Instagram feed, it's clear that she's trendy, chic and everything we could ever wish to be. Heck, she had a baby during the pandemic while running a successful business!

We simply had to get to know more about Lili Claspe and Stephie herself, and were more than thrilled to interview her all about it. Keep reading to find out what she had to say.

Sweety High: Tell us about Lili Claspe and your journey to where you are right now!

Stephie Tchamanian-Haley: My first babe, Lili Claspe, was born 11 years ago in my dining room! I came home after a day of shopping and I couldn't stop thinking about a necklace I'd seen while out. It was a slice of agate hanging on a chunky gold chain. I was completely obsessed! Unfortunately, my retail job couldn't afford its $375 price tag. I've always been creative so I didn't hesitate to hop online to start researching gemstones.

After buying my first box of agate slices and a couple feet of super delicate gold filled chain from a craft store, I watched some "how-to" vids and started assembling my own necklaces. I had enough material to make five agate necklaces and within one week, I sold every single one.


SH: How did the name Lili Claspe come to be?

ST: The original name for the company was CLASPE Jewelry but I felt it was missing something. I woke up in the middle of the night and knew it needed to be LILI CLASPE (pronounced lee-lee claspe after my late sister Lisa, who I always called Lili).


SH: What's it like owning your own business?

ST: As the years have ticked by, I've picked up photography, styling and more advanced jewelry skills. Everything I've done was learned by trial and several errors. It's taken me years to find the right production, the right team and the right work-life balance. The last 10 years have felt like a sprint, and I've just been keeping my head down running my own race.


SH: Have you always been passionate about jewelry?

ST: I've always had a love for jewelry though it wasn't my "dream" job or something that I ever thought I could build a career out of. My professional background was in corporate accounting.


SH: What were the most important factors when it came to developing Lili Claspe?

ST: Quality has been and will always be my number one factor. I want to make jewelry that's unique and affordable, while still being of great value to my customer. I was once the disappointed customer who couldn't afford the pieces I wanted and will always remember that when it comes to price point and quality for my customers.


SH: How has the pandemic changed your process, if at all?

ST: COVID changed everything. I was two months pregnant when the first lockdown hit. It was the slap I needed but didn't see coming. I had to furlough my entire team and essentially handle all the day-to-day myself for a couple months. I was packing orders, handling customer service and still trying to find time to design. We were forced to eliminate all of our handmade pieces, which had been the majority of our business, and almost start over in a way. Fortunately, we started working with a fantastic new production manager around the same time and were able to release some really successful collections over the spring and summer.


SH: What pieces should every girl own from your brand?

ST: If you're new to Lili Claspe, I recommend starting with our staple Reggie Thick chain. This is by far the most versatile style you'll own and is a great base for layers! Our Faye Hoops in Medium is the perfect everyday hoop and a great starter piece.


SH: What does your typical clientele look like?

ST: A Lili babe or guy is trend-forward, loves a statement moment and appreciates quality.


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