Lili Reinhart Says Cole Sprouse's One 'Annoying' Feature Has Grown on Her

As perfect as Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse seem for one another, the Riverdale actress might want to change one of her co-star and rumored boyfriend's traits.

Lili admitted in an interview with Glamour that the first thing she noticed about the man she now calls "my love" was not exactly flattering. The trait in question, it turns out, was his voice. She said she found it "annoying."

"I thought his voice was annoying," she said. "I was like, 'That guy's got an annoying voice.'"

Since then, though, she's changed her mind.

"And now it's grown on me, I guess," she said.

It would certainly seem that way. Although the two haven't ever officially confirmed that they're dating, they've been increasingly public with their relationship lately. Not only did they attend the Met Gala together in May, they've been posting more photos together on social media. They even posted birthday Instagram messages for each other in August and September in which they both used the endearment "my love."

Cole's voice must not have been a deal-breaker.


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