Lilly K Just Turned 13—Here Are 13 Things You Should Know for the Dancer's Big Birthday

Today, June 23, 2021, is Lilly K's 13th birthday, which means some big celebrations are in order.

The dancer and social media superstar is finally a teenager today, and we thought it'd be the perfect time to catch up with her and find out what she'all about at 13. Keep scrolling to discover 13 things you should know about Lilly for her 13th birthday.

1. What song do you think best describes your life right now?

Lilly K: "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae because it reminds me of summertime and happiness.


2. Is there one interest, hobby or passion that your life revolves around right now?

LK: Dance 100%. It's my safe place.


3. What's the thing that excites you most about being a teenager?

LK: Being able to have my own account on TikTok!


4. What was your biggest accomplishment over the last year?

LK: Starting new hobbies. I now play the guitar, dance, act and still have a 4.0 GPA!


5. What's your favorite movie that you saw over the last year?

LK: You guys won't believe this but I finally built up the courage to watch a movie that scared me when | was little—The Ring! I watched the first one and the second one and I loved them!


6. What's the most interesting thing you've learned over the past year?

LK: Oh! Definitely the area of a cylinder—it's 2 pi R squared plus 2 pi R H—haha, JK! When COVID first started, and we had to stay at home, I thought it would be awful. Instead, I found out that I really enjoy spending time with my family.


7. What's one thing you want to accomplish in the next year?

LK: I would love to have my own show!


8. What's your biggest birthday wish?

LK: My biggest birthday wish is to hit 3 million on Insta!


9. What's the first thing you plan to do as a 13-year-old?

LK: Post a legal TikTok!


10. Who has inspired you most recently?

LK: Tate McRae because she is an amazing dancer and singer. She started out as an amazing dancer and she crossed over and became a successful artist.


11. What's the best piece of life advice you received over the last year?

LK: Appreciate every moment.


12. What's your favorite thing about yourself right now?

LK: My sense of humor keeps me sane even during stressful situations.


13. In what ways do you think 13 will be different from 12?

LK: Maybe now I won't be offered the kids' menu!


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