Here Are The Artists Lilly K LOVES Dancing To

Dancing just wouldn't be the same without incredible music backing it up.

12-year-old dancer and multi-hyphenate Lilly K knows this very well. Her fabulous dancing videos are always accompanied but the freshest and most danceable tracks that perfectly match the mood of her moves.

But how does she pick the artists she dances to? We got the chance to ask Lilly K about the musicians whose music she loves dancing to most, and here's what she had to say.

Sweety High: When you're coming up with a new dance, or practicing an existing move, is there one musical artist you like to put on above all the rest?

Lilly K: I love to play any Billie Eilish song, they make me feel inspired!


SH: Do you prefer to dance to new tracks or classics you've known for a long time, and is there an old school track that's your go-to?

LK: I like to dance to new songs! Right now I'm obsessed with singing and dancing to "Drivers License."


SH: What types of genres do you prefer dancing to? 

LK: I like dancing to sad songs because I like to put a lot of emotion in my dancing.


SH: Do you have a favorite musical artist or singer of all time?

LK: 100% Billie Eilish!!


SH:  Is there someone whose music you'd really love to dance to, but haven't got the chance, yet?

LK: I would love to dance to more of Olivia Rodrigo's songs!


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