Lilly K Spills the Tea on Her Favorite TikTok Dances

Lilly K is arguably our favorite dancer these days, and for good reason!

Not only is she professionally trained, but she also has a huge presence on TikTok. Honestly, we could scroll through her feed for hours and hours—it's that good. We wanted to know her thoughts on the platform, so we sat down with her and asked all of our most pressing questions. Below, you'll find our full interview with Lilly K, where she spills the tea on her favorite TikTok dances.


Sweety High: Who are your favorite dancers to follow on TikTok?

Lilly K: Charli D'amelio and Addison Rae.


Double tap the hair tie!! ##FYP @stacey_ketchman

♬ Shaxicula (Toxic x Love Shack x Dragula) – DJ Cummerbund

SH: What are your top three favorite TikTok dances of all time?

LK: "Tap In," "Renegade" and "Adderall."


SH: What TikTok dance do you absolutely hate?

LK: I don't hate any TikTok dances!

@lillyandstaceyk???? @fashionnova ???? FahionNovaPartner♬ original sound – Lillyk&Staceyk

SH: What's the funnest TikTok dance you've ever posted?

LK: I'm not sure, but the first thing that comes to my head is the @realdamrose Tiktok dance evolution challenge that my mom did with my dad.


SH: What TikTok dance trends are you looking forward to learning?

LK: The LSD dance trend!


SH: Do you have any advice for coming up with your own TikTok dance?

LK: The first thing that comes to mind is usually the best!!

@lillyandstaceyk@walkerjbryant♬ original sound – _clean_sounds_


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