How Lilly K Is Coping—and Thriving—During Social Distancing

The world hasn't been quite the same since we all started practicing social distancing more than a year ago, but that hasn't stopped dancer, actor and model Lilly K from living her best life and thriving during these times.

It'all about a positive attitude and staying true to yourself, and we asked Lilly for her top tips on staying her happiest amongst it all.

Sweety High: In what ways has your life changed the most since we've all had to start practicing social distancing?

Lilly K: I wasn't able to go to any dance classes in the beginning of quarantine, but now I am able to go to class but we have to wear a mask and social distance.


SH: How have those changes affected you, both emotionally and physically, and what are some of the things you like to do to overcome them?

LK: I definitely got a little unmotivated to do online classes, but I made myself take them and I always ended up having a blast!


SH: How have you stayed in touch with friends and the people you care about when you can't necessarily be with them?

LK: I like to call or FaceTime my friends and family to keep in touch.


SH? What's one activity or practice that you can always turn to when you're feeling down?

LK: When I'm down, I always turn to dance because it makes me really happy and I can express my feelings through dance.


SH: What types of things do you like to do when you're feeling cooped up or stuck inside?

LK: I like to play my piano and read a good book.


SH: What kinds of positive ideas do you like to keep in mind when things get tough?

LK: I like to keep in mind the saying, "Tough times don't last. Tough people do."


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