Lily Collins Calls Julia Roberts an Evil Queen?

Before you start thinking that Lily Collins and Julia Roberts are in some sort of feud, we're going to clear the air.

Lily Collins is actually starring opposite Julia Roberts in the untitled Snow White movie where Julia plays an Evil Queen. According to Collins, Roberts is very convincing in her role.

"She gave me goosebumps," reveals Collins to PEOPLE. "She played the Evil Queen brilliantly. You forget that's really Julia because she's so good. Off camera, she's so down to earth and so sweet. We'd be shooting and she's being extremely horrible to me [in character] and once they yell cut, the first thing she says to me, 'Are you okay? I'm sorry, I hate being mean to you.' "

"She's someone that I've looked up to forever, and to be able to be in a scene with her and watch her work is such an honor," Collins continued. "She's so funny and she really brings an energy to the set unlike anything I've seen."

But Julia isn't the only one getting attention on set. Singh also comments on Lily saying, "Lily looks so young – Liz Taylor meets Audrey Hepburn."

Even though Kristen Stewart is starring as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, Lilly reveals that she is equally excited to see that flick.

"I'm really excited for Kristen's version and I'm really excited about ours," Collins said. "[Singh's film] really made the fairy-tale story that we love come to life. There's a bit of everything in it. There's romance, lots of action and it's fun and it's a comedic adventure, too. There are some dark moments, but really it is the fairy-tale story that's been updated and modernized."

Check out Julia in the role of the Evil Queen below: