Linards Zarins Dishes on His Debut Music Video 'Dusk Till Dawn' and Upcoming Album

If  Latvian-born, Spanish-based singer-songwriter Linards Zarins isn't already on your radar, he should be.

The internationally beloved Linards recently dropped his first-ever full-scale music video for "Dusk Till Dawn," a smooth and gorgeously romantic new track that'll have you on your feet and dancing in no time. We haven't been able to stop listening, which was why it was a must that we get in touch with the artist himself to find out all about it.

Linards was kind enough to tell us all about how the song came to be, what it was like filming it in southern Spain and what we can expect from his upcoming debut album. Keep reading to find out all he revealed.  

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "Dusk Till Dawn"? What kind of sound were you looking to capture along with the song's themes?

Linards Zarins: A close friend of mine was going through a difficult break in her relationship at that time. While I was alone in my room I was thinking about all those people and how they can feel at that moment and that was when some inspirational lyrics emerged. The next day I got in touch with my music producer and that's when we made this great song. I wanted to find a different sound compared to my previous singles—an inspiring and hopeful sound for all those people who go through such circumstances.


SH: So this song was inspired by a real relationship? What does the track mean to you?

LZ: Yes—everything I write is inspired by my own experience or by people that are close to me. This song means a new step and advance in my musical career. This is also my first song with a full-scale music video.

Linards Zarins black and white Good Thing

(Image courtesy of Linards Zarins)


SH: How do you feel this song is different than what you've released in the past?

LZ: All my songs, already published ones and those still in production—each one of them has a meaning and importance for me. But in comparison to my previous songs, I wanted this song to be one level higher, and it is. The beat is different, more soulful. It has its own soul, so to say. I love each one of them in different ways.


SH: Where did you film the music video? What was your favorite experience there, and do you have a favorite moment from the filming of the video?

LZ: It's filmed in southern Spain, in three different places—Javea, Denia and Altea. Isn't it amazing how all these places combine so nicely in video? Being there, shooting the video with a really great and professional team and having my family and friends beside me was something wonderful. My favorite experience there? Everything has been a really great experience. I can't pick which one is better than the rest. One of the best moments was in the first day of shooting the video. It was my first video and I had to start the song and perform in front of the camera, behind which were a bunch of people staring at me, at everything I do, and it was strange and fun at the same time. Those were high–strung moments, but there were great people on the team, we had lots of laughter with friends and family. It's something I will always remember and cherish.


SH: What is your favorite lyric from the track?

LZ: Really I can't tell you which line from the song is my favorite. When you write a song with such a dedication and care, you expect that all the lyrics will be unique. So in the end all the lines are very dear to me.


SH: Is there anything you can tease about your upcoming album release?

LZ: I have worked a lot with the upcoming song demos. One of my new songs will be about being true to who you really are. I think this moment comes in everyone's life when you realize you're unique and in some ways different from anyone else. At the same time, another person is also unique—can you accept and even love some possible imperfections? That's how we learn to relate to each other. I'm looking forward to you hearing my new songs soon.

Linards Zarins coat press photo

(Image courtesy of Linards Zarins)

SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

LZ: I just want to thank all who listen to my music, watch my videos and support me so unconditionally. I hope to live and sing up to your expectations and I hope that everything I am working on right now we will soon enjoy together.


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