Lindsey Shaw Tells Pretty Little Lies

Pretty Little Liars took TV by a storm this past season, and your favorite girls from Rosewood Day are returning to the small screen on January 3rd.

Lindsey Shaw, who is set to star in next season of ABC Family's hit show, dished about being on set and what her role in the teen drama will be.

"[She] is a very competitive member of the swim team. She is giving this girl Emily a very hard time. You kind of think she's a little evil at first because you don't know her agenda, what her motivation is. Then you realize she's just a sweet girl who just has insecurities and troubles like everybody else."

She goes onto discuss her onset experience: "I was a little nervous driving in that day. I got there and it was just instantly awesome. The crew is so nice. After the first scene was done, I was like, I feel so good here. This is going to be so much fun."

Watch the full interview here: