8 Lion-Inspired Gifts for the Leo in Your Life

From July 23 until August 22, the spotlight is on all the Leo girls.

If your bestie, mom, aunt, cousin or even you yourself has a birthday that falls under this zodiac sign, we've got eight not-so-ferocious lion-themed gifts for everyone on your list. Browse our picks below.


1. Lion Earrings: $8

These adorable little guys are the best way to pull together any outfit. After all, lion earrings are a girl's best friend.

Lion earrings

(via Etsy)

2. Leo Choker: $4.90

Nothing screams "You're a Leo" quite like a choker, especially one with a lion charm on it.

Solid black velvet choker with a lion charm on the front

(via Forever 21)


3. Lion Bracelet: $15

The best part about this bracelet is you can add the birthstone color for both July and August babies to make it even more personalized.

Lion charm bracelet

(via Etsy)


4. Lion Socks: $8

Maybe the Leo you know isn't too keen on being overly zealous about rocking their lion pride. A simple pair of socks may suit them best.

The face of a lion on a pair of socks

(via Living Royal)


5. Lion Ring: $6.25

Remind everyone of the royalty that lies inside of you by sporting this ring. It's fiery colors are sure to catch the attention of everyone within its sight.

Lion ring

(via Etsy)


6. Lion Pillow: $29.95

Shakespeare accurately summed up every Leo girl with this spectacular quote. You are indeed fierce.

Lion pillow with Shakespeare quote

(via Etsy)


7. Lion Backpack: $64.94

Okay, how sick is this lion head backpack? Any confident Leo wouldn't think twice about snatching up this bad boy, so why not get it for them?

Lion head backpack

(via Amazon)


8. Lion iPhone Case: $14.85

Being a Leo means you are incredibly bold and fearless. This iPhone case serves as the perfect reminder to never let fear rule your life.

Lion iphone case

(via Etsy)


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