Lisa Cimorelli Cute School Makeup Tutorial!

The Cimorelli sisters are known for their gorgeous harmonies and catchy and motivational original songs, but now Lisa Cimorelli has shown off another of her talents in a new makeup tutorial video!Lisa Cimorelli

Lisa did her first makeup tutorial six months ago, and since then fans have been begging for her to do another!

"If I did an 'everyday' makeup tutorial it would be no makeup, or it would be like, mascara, lip gloss, concealer. Boom. Done. Which is kind of pointless," Lisa expains at the beginning of the video.

"So I thought, why don't I do a tutorial for those days when you want to look 'extra cute' you know, for that 'cutie!'"

As promised, the tutorial is basic but adorable. If you're going to follow along, make sure to grab your concealer, primer, eye shadow, liquid eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lip gloss!

Lisa hinted that she might do a Halloween tutorial next. We absolutely cannot wait! Watch the video below!

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