What Hidden Talent Did Lisa Cimorelli Recently Discover?

Lisa Cimorelli has uncovered her hidden talent! It appears she received some paints this Christmas from her mom and has been testing her abilities ever since, revealing her incredible creations on Instagram!i'll see you in my dreams lisa cimorelli painting

On the group's Instagram, she shared a painting of the night sky, with a glowing full moon, puffy clouds and stars in the distance. White text in the painting reads "I'll See You in My Dreams."

"I got some paint for Christmas so I've just been holed up in my house painting away!" Lisa wrote.

On her own Instagram, she shared that it was the second painting she had ever done and that she was incredibly happy with it!

In another painting, Lisa created a beautiful beach view of the sun setting over the ocean, framed with shaded palm trees.lisa cimorelli sunset painting

"Third painting I've ever done!" she captioned the masterpiece on her personal Instagram page. "This one was tough and I hated it halfway through hahaha but I have to say I love how it turned out"

She tagged the work #cantstoppainting!

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