How Well Do You Know These Famous Lisa Frank Characters?

Lisa Frank is the queen of rainbows and the master of cuteness.

Her bright and busy designs splash across school supplies and T-shirts alike. But did you know these adorable kittens, dolphins and bears actually have names and backstories of their own?

We did some digging into the history of Lisa Frank's colorful collection and found out some fun facts about many of her most famous designs. If you thought you knew these rainbow-colored characters before, you'll have much more insight after browsing the list below:

Hunter the Leopard

You may know Hunter as the playful, purple and orange leopard that lounges across folders and prances across stationary. This little jungle cuddle-bug may even be one of your fave Lisa Frank designs. If so, you have one major thing in common with this colorful designer. Hunter isn't just one of Lisa's personal favorite characters, but he's also named after one of her sons! This little leopard is a fan of adventure and just about anything fun. His major dislike? Boredom. We feel you, Hunter!


Forrest the Tiger

You may as well consider Forrest and Hunter brothers because, like Hunter the leopard, Forrest is named after Lisa's youngest son. Paired with Hunter, it's no doubt these adorable jungle cats are two of the designer's favorites. Forrest's personality is a little more akin to the common housecat, as he is caring, loyal and playful. Although, it's no wonder his biggest dislike is being bossed around, seeing as how he's a little brother and all.


Casey and Caymus the Golden Retrievers

These two golden pups were designed early on in Lisa's coloring career. They're actually named after the designers real-life golden retrievers and will forever be immortalized as famous characters. While real golden retrievers may have fur that can be described—generously—as golden, these two Lisa Frank pups are said to have actual golden fur made so by the brilliant Arizona sun.


Hollywood Bear

This is a bear with some major life plans. If Hollywood Bear had a mantra, it would probably be "Go big or go home." He lives in a mansion in Bearvely Hills but when he isn't home he can be found on movie sets or jet-setting across the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank. He is a total ham and loves to make people laugh with his stand-up comedy, but his biggest life goal is to win 10 Bearcadamy Awards and work alongside Steven Squealberg, a famous pig producer. Though he is one of Lisa's oldest cartoon creations, he still can't stand eating the smelly green vegetable, asparagus.


Ballerina Bunnies

These three bunnies go by the names of Iris, Rose and Lily. Like Hollywood Bear, these bunnies are not only some of the most senior members of the Fantastic World, but they, too, live in Bearvely Hills. While these prima ballerinas love music of all kinds and believe that music is "the artwork of the air," each have their own favorite genre. Iris loves classical music, while Rose prefers jazz and Lily is a real rebel as she revels in rock and roll. The three bunnies may be totally different but they agree on one major goal: becoming the best prima ballerinas in history.


Sandy the Seal

Sandy is a seal pup who lives in the Rainbow Reef. This purple pup is just as curious and playful as he looks, but underneath his outgoing personality he keeps the secret knowledge of the Rainbow Reef, a bright and beautiful underwater playground. Down below the waters, he enjoys hunting for coral and counting sand dollars.


Panda Painter

This panda is an artist like no other. He actually uses special rainbow paint acquired straight from a real rainbow which has the power to bring all of his artworks to life. Lisa Frank actually has her own special ink, too, designed specifically to ensure that the uniquely mixed colors maintain their ultra-bright shine and don't fade over time. Panda may love his rainbow colors but he isn't such a fan of the color grey. Just like Lisa, his goal is to create colors brighter than anyone has ever seen.


Purrscilla the Kitty

Purrscilla is a very special character in that she resembles Lisa's personality the most. While the artist confesses that she's actually much more of a dog person than a cat person, this unique kitty is all about glitz and glam, just like Lisa. Purscilla even wears jewelry fashioned after Lisa's real pieces! This girly kitty lives in the height of luxury at her royal city penthouse but especially enjoys trips to the parlor where she gets pampered and puffed.

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Max Splash the Whale

Max Splash is the jock of the Arctic Sea region of the Fantastic World. He loves doing sea stunts such as iceberg leaping and racing. He's a lovable daredevil of the ocean until he loses his self-confidence which is a huge embarrassment to him. But in addition to his athletic side, this whale also enjoys studying physics. Perhaps he even uses his physics knowledge when determining how much speed he needs to leap over a large iceberg?


Markie the Unicorn

Markie is one of the absolute oldest characters living in the Fantastic World. Named after a late friend of Lisa's, this unicorn lives on Airfluff Island within the clouds above the Fantastic World. He loves butterflies, adventuring and cloud hopping. This happy-go-lucky unicorn is a friend to all and especially dislikes bullies. If there's one thing that really bugs this beauty, it's bad smells. Who can argue with that?


Clearly we would love to live in the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank. If you're feeling inspired to bring some fantastic LF magic into your real life, check out some recipes inspired by Lisa's colorful rainbow designs HERE.