This Pup Was Welcomed to His New Home With an Adorable Lullaby

Watching happy animals is definitely one of our favorite hobbies, and on the list of "Happiest Dogs in the World" we've just added this adorable pup who was recently adopted in Connecticut.


Oakley was a temporary resident of American Lab Rescue Inc., an all-breed rescue group that specializes in Labradors. As if it wasn't enough that he was adopted into a loving family, Oakley was also welcomed home in the cutest way we could ever imagine.

A video posted on Facebook earlier this week by Oakley's new mom, Lauren Malone, shows the doggie being lovingly cuddled by Lauren's young daughter, Katie.

The video shows Katie hugging Oakley close to her chest while she softly sings her own version of "Brahm's Lullaby." Oakley is more than happy with this adorable situation, as he gently snuggles closer to Katie's chest and lets out a contented sigh.

At one point Katie happily comments that Oakley is just "a little petunia" and we can't even describe the joy that filled our hearts.

We're incredibly happy for this new pair, and we wish Oakley the best of luck in his new home.

Click HERE to see the full video of Oakley's heartwarming serenade.


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