THIS Version of 'Under the Sea' Is Sure to Blow You Out of the Water

Disney hits are classics, so it only makes sense they've been covered plenty.

But we've recently encountered a different type of cover sound—and, well, it's definitely eyebrow-raising (or hair-raising, to be completely honest).

Meet the D-Metal Stars, a four-member band whose only focus is to recreate iconic Disney songs in a heavy metal format.

The band—made up of Mike Vescera (vocals), Rudy Sarzo (bass), John Bruno (guitar) and BJ Zampa (drums)—has a full-length album, which was just released in the U.S. on March 31.

The group got their start making headway in Japan last year, and has covered everything from the aforementioned "Under the Sea," to "Beauty and the Beast," "It's a Small World" and more.

To hear their full 11-song compilation, scroll through the Spotify playlist below—and when mom and dad tell you to turn down the sound, you can always use Disney as your defense!


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