Our 5 Favorite Songs Off Little Mix's LM5

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If you couldn't tell, we're pretty jazzed right now. Why, you might be wondering? Well, the ever-so-empowering Little Mix dropped their fifth studio album and it's everything we could've hoped for and more.

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The girl group has really outdone themselves with LM5. Full of inspiring anthems and heartfelt ballads, it's far and away their best record yet. The only thing that could make it better is if they announced a U.S. tour, but until then, we'll listen to LM5 on repeat for the rest of our lives.

We could rave on and on about every single song and how they contribute to the overall feel of the record, but we decided it'd be more fun for everyone if we revealed our five favorites. Scroll below to check 'em out and see if you agree!

1. 'The Cure'

A song that caught our attention right away, it instantly brought a tear to our eye. We've struggled with feeling unworthy and unwanted, but we've been able to push past those negative vibes to become the people we are today. This is a song you can blast when you need to boost your mood during a bad day or just to make a bad day even better. The only question we have after hearing this song is, what is the cure? We'd really appreciate a follow up to this song that reveals where we can get it, thanks.


2. 'Told You So'

"Told You So" is a testament to the unbreakable bond these girls share. Their friendships are truly inspiring and uplifting to see, while also serving as a reminder to keep our own besties close. Hearing them sing the ultimate friendship anthem with their on-point harmonies makes us feel all warm and cozy inside. Years later and they've proved the haters wrong, they're never going to break up.


3. 'Strip' feat. Sharaya J

Known for their endless supply of empowering hits, the girls have released yet another tune that encourages us to forget about our insecurities and really love who we are inside and out. We admire how vocal Little Mix has been about dealing with their own insecurities, reminding us that we're not alone. How they continue to create moving songs like these, we don't know, but we hope they keep them coming.


4. 'More Than Words' feat. Kamille

Kamille has worked with the girls in the past, penning both "Black Magic" and "Shout Out to My Ex," so we were stoked when she actually featured on a track. What we love so much about this masterpiece is it's vastly different than any other song Little Mix has released. They really stretched their creativity and put their vocals to the test for this one, and it paid off in a huge way. We think it's one of the catchiest hits on the record for sure.


5. 'Woman's World'

Poise, beauty, strength, elegance, vulnerability—these are just a few of the words that come to mind when listening to "Woman's World" off LM5. In case this year didn't make it abundantly clear, it's hard out here for us women. We're forced to deal with plenty of issues men aren't, but that makes us all the more stronger. Just as Little Mix preaches in this track, try living in a woman's world. Because it's not as simple as you think.


Listen to our favorite songs off LM5 below:


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