Is Another One Direction & Little Mix Romance Brewing?

A hilarious new video from Little Mix left marriage rumors swirling after the girls tacked their boyfriends' last names onto their own, resulting in Leigh-Anne Kiffin, Perrie Malik and Jesy Roche. They were just having a bit of fun at the expense of the currently single Jade Thirlwall. Here are a few celebs we'd love to see as Jade's future beau (so she can play along to) complete with Photoshops!

Jade Horan?

There's a lot of speculation that Jade and One Direction's Niall Horan are not be dating. While we don't think it's true, they are SO cute dancing together in this video that we will ship them to the end of the earth.

Jade Lynch?

While we don't think Jade and R5 bassist Riker Lynch have ever actually met, we think they would be a perfect match. Don't they look so cute together?

Jade Carter?

Jade once admitted that her childhood crush was Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys, so shipping her with a '90s-Nick seemed appropriate.

Jade Irwin?

5 Seconds Of Summer's Ashton Irwin is totally crushing on Jade, and we think they'd make quite the couple.

Jade Clifford?

But it seems Ashton has some competition! Michael Clifford also has a thing for Jade, and the two would have a lot to talk about when it comes to dying their hair some wild shades.

Jade Williams?

Back in her X Factor days, Jade revealed she liked JLS's Oritsé Williams better than any of the boys in One Direction!

Jade Thirlwall!

Or, she can just stay as good old Jade Thirlwall, because there's nothing wrong with being a strong single lady, or deciding not to take a guy's last name if and when she gets married, because her name is too cute as is!

Who do you ship Jade with? Tell us in the comments and we just might add it to our list.