These Gifts Are Perfect For Little Sisters (and the Young at Heart)

The clock is ticking, but it's still not too late to grab an awesome last-minute holiday gift for your little sister (or your young-at-heart bestie).

If you're at a loss for ideas, don't fret, because this guide will help you find the perfect present regardless of their personality type.

Marvel Action Figures

The Marvel universe is full of incredible super-powered females, both evil and good, who make awesome action figures. From the villainous Beetle to mini figures of Avengers Black Widow and Scarlet Witch (whose toys also come with Iron Mans), there's a superheroine here for everyone.

Super Foes of Spider-Man Beetle: $9.97

Marvel Spider-Man villain Beetle

Marvel Legends Series Agents of Shield Sharon Carter: $15.99

Sharon Carter Marvel hero

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Action Figure Set – Iron Man and Scarlet Witch: $7.95

Scarlet Witch Marvel hero

Marvel Legends Series Agents of Shield Mockingbird: $11.10

Mockingbird Marvel hero action figure

Marvel Captain America: Civil War Set – Iron Man and Black Widow: $5.96

Black Widow Marvel hero figurine



Lammily is a fashion doll based on the average proportions of 19-year-old girls. Dubbed the "Normal Barbie" by media, it doesn't set unrealistic body standards for little girls, and the outfits are super cute. These dolls—a photographer and a traveler—are awesome role models.

Lammily traveler and photographer figure

Lammily Photographer Doll: $25

Lammily photographer fashion doll

Lammily Traveler Doll: $25

Lammily traveler fashion doll


My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony Collection: $9.99 – $39.99

The My Little Pony "Guardians of Harmony" collection proves that the ponies are tough, as well as cute. These characters are primed for battle and ready to fight for what they believe in, allowing fans everywhere to craft imaginative new stories and play with the toys in a way they never have before.

My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony toys


Disney'Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends: $31.65

Disney's newest princess, Moana, is an instantly classic character. It's only fitting that this Moana doll—complete with her seafaring canoe and her pets Pua and Hei Hei—is just as epic as Moana's onscreen adventure.

Moana ship and doll


Trolls Hug Time Poppy With Interactive Bracelet: $49.99

DreamWork Animation's Trolls proved yet again that movies based on toy franchises can actually be amazing. The film resulted in a lot of merch that both old-school and brand new Trolls fans can adore, and our personal favorite is this Hug Time Poppy.

Trolls poppy figure

Snuggie Mermaid Tail: $19.99

At one point, we've all fantasized about being a mermaid, and this scaly tail from Snuggie can make that dream come true in an instant. Not only is it super cute, but it's also totally cozy and perfect for chilly winter days.

Snuggie mermaid tail

Pokémon MyBookMarks: $27

We'never seen bookmarks like these before MyBookMark came around—and honestly after using these adorable markers, it's tough to go back to anything else. We love seeing these Pokémon tushes popping out of the bottoms of our books, but if you want something more literary or holiday-themed, they have those, too!

Pikachu and Eevee: Pokémon butt bookmarks from MyBookMark


SnooZzoo Monkey: $93.46 – $110.46

Last, but definitely not least, SnooZzoo has the most ridiculously cute sleeping bags we've ever seen. They're shaped like all kinds of adorable animals, and this monkey sleeping bag even comes complete with a zip-up banana to store your things inside. They'll definitely make someone the most stylish kid at the sleepover.

Snoozoo monkey sleeping bag


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