After Little Mix asked fans to send in their fan art last week on Twitter, some absolutely amazing Mixer art came pouring in.#LittleMixFanArt twitter

“The girls wanna see how creative you can get!” they Tweeted, and the fans responded!

Below are some images that caught our eyes over the weekend. Check them out, let us know your favorite in the comments, and join our Little Mix fan club at Sweety High!

 @JudyBelArtslittle mix fanart judybelarts

@alyssalou416little mix fanart alyssalou416


little mix fanart little_mix_ily

@LaurianeFargueslittle mix fanart laurianefargues


little mix fanart emy_lmixer@guilhermedeso43

little mix fanart guilhermedeso43


little mix fanart claraanglada22


little mix fanart nadenka_kyl