Liv, Forever Book Review: A Spooky New Romance!

Liv, Forever is the debut novel by Amy Talkington, a writer perhaps best known for penning the Disney Channel movie Avalon High.

Liv, Forever Book Review Amy Talkington

The book follows the story of Liv Bloom, a high schooler who has never been able to put down her roots. Check out details on how you can win a signed copy of Liv, Forever here!

Liv spent years in the foster system before being adopted, and even then never felt like she had found home. So when Liv gets accepted on scholarship to the prestigious boarding school Wickham Hall, it's her chance to reinvent herself and finally belong.

But fitting in at Wickham won't be easy. The place is fraught with traditions and bewildering customs, and Liv soon gets the impression that her status as a scholarship kid has branded her an intruder at the school.

Liv's only friend at Wickham is fellow scholarship student Gabe Nichols, who has no desire to befriend the legacy student "Wickies." And it doesn't help his social standing that he claims to be haunted by ghostly visions.

Liv doesn't care to join the clique either, until she lays her eyes on Malcolm Astor, a handsome and clever student, with family stretching back for decades at Wickham Hall. Liv is immediately drawn to him, but she's wary of his intentions when he seems to become interested in her.

Despite warnings from Gabe, Liv starts a romance with Malcolm. However, their fling is extremely short lived.

When Liv discovers she has been murdered, she is forced to solve the mystery of her own death as a ghost. Gabe's ability to communicate with the deceased allows him to serve as a paranormal interpreter between Liv and Malcolm, and the trio sets out to uncover a generations-old conspiracy and set things right!

Liv, Forever is quickly paced, expertly plotted and most of all a delight to read. Readers will relate immediately with the curious and artistic Liv and fall for her charming love interest, Malcolm.

Fans of fantasy will quickly soak up this paranormal romance. At its heart, it's a love story about two sweethearts who find themselves worlds apart from each other even when they're in the same room.

The novel's spooky ambiance is also well suited to this sometimes morbid, often funny and always intriguing tale of love, loss and finding your way.

Those who don't share Liv's extensive knowledge of art and poetry might find it handy to keep an art book or web browser on hand to look up the book's numerous scholarly references. It definitely enhances the experiences to be able to visualize!

And as the book occasionally does go into some grisly details that might be a bit graphic or scary, we don't recommend it to our very youngest readers.

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