Would You Watch A Cartoon Version Of "Pitch Perfect"?

Disney is giving yet another animated classic the live-action treatment! A new version of Fantasia is on its way, with a portion of the movie ditching animation in favor of the real deal. But why does it rarely happen the other way around? Here are some of our favorite live-action movies we'd love to see with a cartoon twist.

Even if the Harry Potter film series was 8 movies long, it wasn't enough for us. We'd love to see the gang come back to life in animated form. A weekly series would be ideal!

The Avengers technically have a Disney XD series already, but we'd love to see the movie version of the superhero squad as cartoons on the big screen.

An animated The Fault In Our Stars would mean we'd have to have twice as many tissues, but that would be fine with us.

The Goonies is totally classic, but with the actors all grown up, a sequel would be quite different from the original. Animated Goonies = problem solved.

There could never be enough High School Musical for us in the world, so obviously we need this.

We haven't even seen Disney's Descendants yet, but we know we are going to be obsessed. This artist created more characters based on their famous Disney parents, and we honestly can't wait to see them in any form on our TVs.

There's only one Maze Runner out so far and that is NOT ok. A gorgeously animated movie or TV series could help us cope during the massive wait times between each film.

Teen Beach Movie is the ultimate summer movie and we cannot get enough of it. Plus these drawings are just so cute!

Who doesn't want an aca-animated Pitch Perfect? This watercolor style would be super fab.

Mary Poppins as a cartoon would be practically perfect in every way. We'd love to see her deal with a new set of kids every week with their own problems for her to solve.

Teen movies are pretty lacking in the animated department, and we think Mean Girls would be the perfect fit to fix that. Nothing could be more quotable, or more fun to look at.

What live-action movie would you love to see cartoon-ized? Tell us in the comments and share your own fan art with us at SweetyHigh.com!