Who Should Star In the Live-Action Pinocchio? We've Got This

We can all now sleep at night knowing our fav wooden puppet, Pinocchio, is getting a new movie. The want-to-be real boy will be getting the live-action treatment and we can't wait to see it. In fact, we're helping the process along with a list of the stars who'd make the best cast for the film!


pinocchio dream casting jake short live action

(via Comic Vine and Zimbio)

Name: Jake Short

Where you've seen him: A.N.T. Farm & Mighty Med

Why he's perfect for the part: Jake is hilarious and would bring the just the right type of humor to the film. And we know he's manage to rock those suspenders, too!

Jiminy Cricket

jordan fisher jiminy cricket dream casting live action pinocchio

(via Wikia and iMDb)

Name: Jordan Fisher

Where you've seen him:Teen Beach Movie & Liv and Maddie

Why he's perfect for the part: Jordan puts his heart into everything he does, and he'd be perfect as Pinocchio's conscience. Plus he knows how to rock a hat, just like Jiminy.


The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

(via Disney.com and Hello Magazine)

Name: Jeff Bridges

Where you've seen him: The Giver

Why he's perfect for the part: Jeff Bridges already has the facial hair down. Not to mention, he's an OSCAR WINNER. No big deal.

The Blue Fairy

taylor swift grammys blue fairy dream casting

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Name: Taylor Swift

Where you've seen her: Literally everywhere

Why she's perfect for the part: The resemblance is uncanny! Need we say more?


meredith grey taylor swift cat figaro pinocchio live action dream casting

(via Wikia and Tinypic)

Name: Meredith Grey

Where you've seen her: Taylor Swift's Instagram

Why she's perfect for the part: Who wouldn't want to see Tay acting alongside her purrrfect pal? 

Who do you think should be cast in the live-action Pinocchio movie? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share your Disney love with us at Sweety High