Live in London with Demi Lovato!

Yet again Demi Lovato is showing off her extreme fierceness with a bunch of amazing performances live in London!

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300 incredibly lucky fans got to attend the special concert at Porchester Hall in England for a show presented by VEVO.

Demi Lovato live in London!

"This is gonna be really really fun because it's an intimate show and I don't get to do these often," Demi said at the beginning of her video for her new hit single, Heart Attack.

During the show, Demi performed the songs Heart Attack, Really Don't Care, and Made in the USA off of her latest self-titled album, Demi, as well as her hit songs Give Your Heart A Break and Skyscraper!

It's great to watch these live shows and get to hear Demi's powerful vocals untouched! The mark of a truly great performer is being able to impress your fans during a live performance, and Demi did not disappoint with these songs!

Just click here to check out her powerhouse performance of Heart Attack!

Demi Lovato live in London