This Adorable Video is the Perfect Reminder to Live Life in Full Color

For many of us, seeing our surroundings in full color is a natural part of life. For Chris Smelcer, however, our brightly colored world has always appeared to him in black and white.

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Chris has been color blind his entire life, meaning he's never been able to experience the full spectrum of color that livens up our world. On Chris' 50th birthday, his family decided to change that.

Together, they bought him a pair of Enchroma glasses that are specifically designed to help those with color deficiencies see color. At first, Chris seems wholly unimpressed with his new gift, but the moment he puts them on everything changes.

Initially speechless, Chris takes in his new surroundings with open-mouthed amazement. Eventually he moves to the trees surrounding their small picnic area, where his emotions quickly get the better of him and he dissolves into tears.

His heartwarming reaction to a normally mundane environment is the only reminder we need to appreciate the everyday beauty around us.

Click HERE to see the video of Chris living life in full color!


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